The Future of 5G Technology

The future of 5G is bright. 5G is going to be the next big change in the telecommunication industry. It is going to change the way we look at the technology now. Work is still under progress. There is no real 5G mobile device still in the market.

The Future of 5G Technology

The Future of 5G Technology

5G is designed to support diverse services with different data traffic profiles. These profiles include high throughput, low latency and massive connections. Therefore the future of 5G looks great.

Who in this world does not want better services. We all are already surrounded by technology and we need better experience.

Imagine playing games like PUBG on a VR headset in real-time with zero lag. And this experience we are talking is not when you connected to WiFi. We are talking about playing real-time game while traveling in a fast speed train or self driving car having speed around 250 km per hour.

With 5g coming in, future of gaming and other technology is about to change forever. It is going to change the way devices connect to network. It is going to change everything that uses wireless connection. Devices will talk to each other like never before.

It will be almost 200 times faster than the current 4g speed. 4G average speed is around 20 megabits per second i.e 20mbps while 5g speed would be around 20gbps.

5G latency would be around 1 mili second. This is really impressive. Latency is amount of delay between sending and receiving information. Average latency of 4g is around 150 mili second. 5G is going to change it drastically. It means that real-time communication is possible. You can use it in self driving car, playing real-time games, interacting with other objects etc.

Use Cases

Imagine medical surgeries being performed in New Delhi by someone sitting in New York using robot controlled in real time.

Self driving car is going to be a reality with 5g features. Imagine you are sitting in the car playing real-time games and your car safety take you to your destination. With low latency your car can react to any situation better than a human. A human takes around 200 milliseconds to react while with 5g your would react in a millisecond.

Of course, it will take time but the way each and every big company putting it’s effort, it will come into reality soon. Qualcomm, Samsung, Intel, Verizon all are working hard to make 5G dream come true. You will soon see 5G mobile with qualcomm chipset.

The future is 5G. Get ready to experience the best mobile technology ever. There are so many things still going on in 5g 3gpp discussion. If you think I missed something please comment. It will help us as well as all the readers.

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