5G Jobs opportunities: Engineering, Testing, 5g Careers, Network jobs

There are so many companies out there working on 5G rigorously. If you really want to work in 5g and you have telecommunication background. Then you should try to move into 5G technology. Because next 10 to 15 years, it is going to be 5G everywhere. If you are a LTE developer or tester then you must try to move to 5G domain.

5G Jobs opportunities: Engineering, Testing, 5g Careers, Network jobs

5G Engineering Jobs.

As i mentioned above, there are many companies working on 5G. Nokia, Samsung, Qualcomm, Verizon, Intel etc. You may get opportunities for on site like USA because most probably 5G will be launch in the United States in 2020.

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5G Testing Jobs.

As the development is going on in full flow, testing jobs are coming more and more. Even though it is testing job, expectation of all 5G teams are high. You should have good understanding of LTE protocol and LTE call flow. Because there is not much change in protocol architecture from LTE.

5G Network Jobs.

5G network jobs is the other option to work in 5G domain. So many people like to work in networking. This is kind of easy job compared to development and testing as you will have to only maintain mostly operators network or configure. Almost all the operator will eventually move to 5g technology. Therefore this is also a good choice to work in 5G domain.

5G Careers.

5G is the future of mobile technology. It is going to connect everything to each other. So if you can get some training on 5G. Then it is worth taking because there are so many jobs waiting for you. You can also go through release 15 3gpp documents and study some other specs. Believe me 5G is the future.


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