What is 5G | How 5G Network will work | 5G USES | Why 5G is Important

What is 5G?

What is 5G, How 5G Network will work

5G is the next generation mobile technology. It is the next big change in the telecommunication industry. Talk is going on since last decade but now it is going to come into reality. It is not a single thing that is the reason you ask anybody you get different answer. 3GPP is working on this for a decade. Carrier started select cities for 5G in 2018 and carriers like verizon, AT&T etc. will start deploying 5G in selected cities of USA.

5G is the next generation of mobile broadband service that wil replace all your existing 4G connection. With 5G your experience will change drastically. We will be having 5G devices supporting 5 protocol and bands

Why 5G

  • With 5G, you’ll see exponentially faster download and upload speeds.
  • Low Latency i.e the time it takes for devices to communicate with each other in wireless networks, will be very less compared to 4G.
  • It Won’t be harmful to human.
  • It will be Low cost.
  • Machine to machine communication will be improved.

How 5G will work

Now that we know what 5G is, it’s a good idea to understand how it works, since it’s different from traditional 4G LTE. 5G will be using low-band spectrum, mid-band spectrum and high-band spectrum also called mmwave. Initially new NR will be deployed with 4G network, it called non stand alone(NAS). There will be lte eNB and New NR(g-NB) talking to each other and core network most probably will be EPC

5G USES(Why 5G is important)

Better broadband

5G is going to add huge amounts of spectrum in bands that have not been used for commercial broadband traffic. It will enhance user experience drastically. It will change the way we interact with technology.

Autonomous vehicles

We are going to lots of autonomous vehicle on the road with 5G coming in. In future your vehicle is going to communicate with the other vehicle on the road. Your vehicle may provide live information like traffic condition, any accident to other vehicle on the road. if a vehicle brakes ahead of you it will send info to your vehicle and your vehicle will also apply brakes quickly.

These communication will happen within mili seconds as it has very low latency. This way with new NR coming in and autonomous vehicle kick in, new technology going to save thousands of life and infrastructure too as collision between cars or any other vehicle will be almost zero. With that note you will be paying less for auto insurance.

Public safety and infrastructure

With 5G coming in it will allow municipalities to operate more efficiently and will help increase their service and they can manage things in far better way. Utility companies providing electricity, gas etc. will be able to track uses remotely and they can install sensor which notify them real time event.

Remote device control

With 5G coming in latency will become very less. with low latency we can control heavy machinery easily from anywhere in the world.

Health care

Health care is one of the sector that is going to get affected a lot. The way it used to work will change completely. And With low latency and better coverage health care machinery is going get work in far better way now and it will improved user experience drastically.

With 5G coming we can have medical devices that can send real time information and patient condition to a doctor anywhere in the world. Patient can wear medical equipment and be seated at home and those devices will send data to hospital where doctors can monitor it.


Internet of things is the most exciting aspect of New NR mobile technology. We currently have sensors using LTE technology but it requires more resources like more power. Sensors are small devices and deployed in masses. we can go and change batteries of these devices everyday.

With 5g coming in resources required by these devices will be very less. you may not have to change the battery for the lifetime of a particular device. And also the low latency of new NR network will play important role in IoT.

New NR core network architecture: slicing, access control, qos support, exposure.

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