What is the difference between 4G Lte and 5G NR

What is the difference between lte and 5g

What is the difference between 4G lte and 5G NR

There are so much differences between 4g  lte and 5g. Lets look at the 5G NR capability and compare it with LTE. The new NR provides many benefits over LTE. These are the highlights of 5G NR benefits.

  1. 5G NR is going to exploit very high frequency bands compared to LTE to support very wide transmission bandwidths. And eventually very high data rates compared to LTE. 5G is going to be at least 20 times fatser than LTE. The peak download speed would be 20 Gb/s.
  2. 5G is going to reduce interference by introducing ultra lean design.
  3. Low latency. This is very crucial as it will introduce new use cases such as robotics, self driving car etc.
  4. 5G will be forward as well as backward compatible.
  5. 5G design is beam centric. This means that we can have extensive usage of beam-forming and massive number of antennas for data transmission and signalling.

Technical differences

Technically in the higher layer, signalling is almost similar between LTE RAN and 5G NR. There are so much changes in the phy layer and core network side. Networks elements are going to be different in 5G. In 4G LTE we have MME, eNB, PGW, SGW while in 5G NR we have gNB, AMF, SMF, and UPF. The functionalities of these elements are different. In other words we can say network elements in 5G has more functions keeping in the real world scenarios. 5G Network elements are adaptive in nature. They are powerful to fulfill the promised use cases of 5G.

Read functions of 5G network elements here The 5G Radio Network gNB, AMF, UPF, SMF functions in 5G.

Phy layer is going to be different than 4g LTE. Millimeter wave is going to play an important role here. We can have bandwidths up to 400 MHz. In Lte we have 15 KHz sub carrier spacing while in 5G it depends upon the numerology. It can be between 15 KHz to 240 KHz. Each slot will have 14 symbols and number of slots in a sub frame again depends upon numerology.

Technically in lower layer it is going to be completely different than LTE. There are some new reference signal have been introduced in 5G.

Read here about physical layers 5G Physical layer Overview: Numerologies, waveform and frame structure.

Speed difference between 4g and 5g?

The speed difference between 4g and 5g is going to be too much. 5G will be at least 20 times faster than 4G.

Is 5g better than 4G LTE?

In general without going into technical discussion these are the high lights of 5G compared to 4G LTE. And it will be definitely better than any technology.

  1. High data rates.
  2. Low latency. This means the response time will be very less and will be helpful in IoT, self driving car, medical instruments, robotics etc.
  3. Ultimate gaming experience.
  4. Improved home automation.
  5. Massive machine to machine communication.

This new technology is going to change the way we are experiencing mobile technology now. Users are going to experience the best technology ever. So get ready for the big change in the telecommunication industry and a completely new experience.

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