History of Cellular Mobile phones and technology

History of Cellular Mobile phones and technology

History of Cellular Mobile phones and technology

History of cellular mobile phones is not so old. The wireless technology actually came into existence just 40 years back from now. We have already witnessed 4 generation of cellular mobile phones.

1st Generations (1G)

The first generation of Mobile phone that we call 1G was based on analog signal. The main technology were NMT, TACS and AMPS. The 1st generation mobile phones were completely limited to voice services. It was launched around 1980 to general public. But it was too costly so, hardly common people could afford it. It was also huge and heavy in size.

2nd Generations (2G)

The second generation of mobile communication were also mainly for voice. But it was also used for limited data services because of digital transmission on the radio link. Digital transmission was a huge advantage in cellular communication. There were so many technologies used in 2G but GSM was the main. Still today there are so many places in the world where GSM is the only possible communication. In early 1990’s 2G was the emerging technology and it spread among common people.

3rd Generations (3G)

The 3rd generation mobile phone which is called 3G was launched in the early 2000. Mobile broad band which was of high quality compared to 2G was introduced. Fast wireless internet access was possible with the invent of 3G evolution which is known as HSPA (High Speed Packet Access). 3G actually brought so many wireless devices to the internet. 3G supports FDD and TDD.

4th Generations (4G)

4th Generation telecommunication system which is 4G and commonly known as LTE 4G was launched in 2010. LTE provides higher efficiency, higher data rates and low latency. 4G also support FDD and TDD. LTE has brought the world under one technology. Almost all the wireless communication devices are LTE enabled. LTE is the most successful wireless technology till today. With the invent of LTE, everything is IP based. Our voice calls are also IP based. Lte will still remain the base for next generation mobile technology i.e 5G.

5th Generations (5G)

5G is the successor of 4G. Discussion on 5g was started in 2012 itself. Work is still going in 5G. 5G refers to new 5g radio access technology which is called 5g NR. 5G will have even better data rates, high efficiency and very low latency. It will change the end user experience to the next level in all aspects. Get ready to experience the best wireless technology. Click below link to know more about 5G

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When was the World’s First Cell Phone Launched?

There were so many experiments going on in the different part of the world by different countries, companies and institutions. But the world’s first cell phone was launched in 1983. The name of the cell phone was the Motorola DynaTAC 800x. The priced of the phone was around $4,000 at that time. The talk time was around 30 minutes. The size of the phone was around one foot and it was bulky too.

Even though the phone’s size was large, it was still considered to be the most portable mobile phone ever made. It was the first time in the history when some one could call somebody without wire. It was a great achievement. Motorola has given the world the first mobile phone.

Do not get confused mobile phone with wired phone. Wire phone also known as base phone was invented long back in 1876 by Alexander Graham Bell. It took around 100 years to move from wired phone to wireless mobile phone.

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