5g millimeter wave spectrum and 5g NR frequency bands


5g millimeter wave spectrum and 5g frequency bands

5g millimeter wave spectrum and 5g NR frequency bands

5g millimeter wave spectrum is an important part of 5G NR spectrum. The new 5G NR not only consists of millimeter wave but it consists of a range of frequencies between 3 kilohertz (kHz) to 300 gigahertz (GHz). The 5G spectrum can be divided into bands. Remember, each of the spectrum band represents unique properties. This unique property provides diverse opportunities for a service provider. A service provider can balance between throughput, coverage, quality and latency, as well as reliability and spectral efficiency.

5G NR Spectrum

Radio wave frequencies range anywhere from 3 kilohertz (kHz) up to 300 gigahertz (GHz) is called 5G spectrum. 5G spectrum availability will be different in different part of the world  in terms of bands, amounts and timing.

5g NR frequency bands

As i said 5G spectrum can be divided into different bands to understand better. There are so many bands has been defined by 3GPP but initially low range bands will be deployed in most part of the world.

1. Low Frequency Bands

The low frequency bands are below 2 GHz. Two highly interested 3GPP 5G NR bands are 600 MHz and 700 MHz which corresponds to bands n71 and band n28. Since these bands belongs to low frequency range and hence not too wide, so maximum of 20 MHz bandwidth would be enough. Because of low frequency range coverage capacity will be high for these bands. Ideal for urban areas.

2. Medium Frequency Bands

Bands belongs to medium frequency are in the range of 3 GHz to 6 GHz. 3GPP has designed band n77 and n78 for this range of frequencies. It will provide high coverage capacity as well as high data rates due to wider channel bandwidth. The channel bandwidth would be up to 100 MHz. So the 3300 MHz to 4200 MHz corresponds to bands n77 and n78 are of global interest because of it’s unique characteristics. This range of frequencies will be deployed initially all over the world as apart of 5G NR. In technical term people also call it NR sub 6.

3. High Frequency Bands i.e 5g millimeter wave spectrum

The frequency bands are rages above 24 GHz. This high frequency range is also known as mmwave i.e millimeter wave range. This range of frequencies are best suited for hotspot coverage with very high capacity and very high data range.

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Most interested range is the 24.25 GHz – 29.50 GHz. The corresponding 3GPP NR bands for this range are n257 and n258.

Since, 400 MHz channel bandwidths have been defined by 3GPP for these NR bands and we can even have higher bandwidths possible through carrier aggregation. So, imagine with this wide bandwidths, how much data rates we are going to get. Thus, High capacity and higher data rates will be possible with these NR bands. But, because of high range frequency, it can travel less distance.

Below are some of the millimeter wave bands has been planned for different part of the World.

24.25 – 27.5 GHz also known as 26 GHz is for Europe.

27.5  – 28.35 GHz was identified as early stage deployment for USA.

24.25 – 29.5 GHz will be used globally. While 24.25 – 29.5 GHz has been planned for Japan.

26.5 – 29.5 GHz Korea.

37 – 40 GHz has been planned for USA.

Similarly ranges around 40 GHz are being considered in many parts of the World.

External source 3gpp.

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