What are the 5G mobiles available in the market?

What are the 5G Mobiles available in the Market

What are the 5G mobiles available in the market

There is no 5G Mobile available in the market. Actual 5G Mobile are being tested by big companies like Samsung, huawei etc. The 5g chip is still not released by the semi conductor giant companies like Qualcomm, Huawei, Samsung, etc..

Qualcomm has showcased it’s 5g enabled mobile chip at China Unicom event. It was highly successful and people were impressed.

There is still no official announcement has come from any mobile phone makers that when they will launch 5G Mobile devices.

I would suggest not to buy any 5G Mobile device now. Even if someone is saying they have launched 5G Mobile then what is the usage. We do not have 5G network yet. In USA semi 5G (in technical language non standalone 5g) will come at the end of this year 2019.

Actual 5G technically known as standalone 5G will be available to public most probably in 2021. Before that I don’t think it is possible.

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When 5G Mobile will be launched?

Since there is no commercial 5G network available, it is really hard to tell when exactly 5G Mobile will be launched. But according to experts it may be available at the end of this year. But remember your will have dual connectivity. It means your mobile will connect to 4G first then it will connect to 5G network.

If you are familiar with core network and radio network then you will understand better. In dual connectivity, core Network will be LTE and there will be a master eNB and secondary 5g gNB.

You can read more about dual connectivity here.

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Which Company Will Launch 5G First?

In this competitive world, It is hard to say who will launch 5G mobile first. Everybody wants to be first. Everyone is claiming to launch 5G handsets at the end of this year but time will tell who is going to launch 5g Mobile with full 5g features. You can subscribe by clicking to our forum at the top right corner and be updated with all the happenings in the field of 5g NR technology.

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