Difference between 1g 2g 3g 4g 5g mobile cellular technology

Difference between 1g 2g 3g 4g 5g mobile cellular technology

Difference between 1g 2g 3g 4g 5g mobile cellular technology

There are lots of differences among these mobile technologies. Every 10 years technologies are changing based on the user needs and market demands. Lets discuss difference between 1g 2g 3g 4g 5g mobile cellular technology

1G Mobile Technology

1G was open to general public around 1980. For your kind information 1G technology was based on analog signal. Even though it was open to public but because of cost and other reasons it was not so much popular.

Features of 1G.

  1. 2kbps.
  2. Better than nothing.

Technology: Analog cellular.


  1. Large and bulky Phone Size.
  2. Poor Voice Quality.
  3. Extremely Poor Battery Life.
  4. There were No Security.
  5. Limited Capacity
  6. Poor Hand over.

2G Mobile Technology

The revolution came when 2G came into market. Digital transmission was the main highlight of 2G. But still it was not ideal for data transmission. There were so many other improvements one could see in 2G compared to 1G. Like cost, easy to handle, reliable and not bulky. Even today 2G is the only communication medium in many places in the world. 2G was also voice centric. There were many technologies but GSM was the main technology in 2G. We used to have gprs for data.

Technology: Digital cellular, GSM.

Features of 2G

  1. Data speed: 64-144 kbps.
  2. Web browsing was possible.
  3. Better battery life than all other technologies.
  4. Slim phones.
  5. Seamless hand over.


  1. 2G needs strong digital signal.
  2. Digital signals become week at the cell edge.
  3. Not suitable for video and complex data.

3G Mobile Technology

Then came the 3G mobile. The real mobile internet experience. With high speed, it became popular. HSPA technology was used for high speed data. In 3G voice transmission was over circuit switch network and data transmission was on packet switch network.

Technology: CDMA, UMTS, EDGE.

Features of 3G

  1. Data speed:  144kbps- 2Mbps.
  2. Possible to send Large Email Messages.
  3.  High Speed Web.
  4. More Security compared to 2G.
  5. Video Conferencing was possible.
  6. 3D Gaming.
  7. TV Streaming.
  8. Mobile TV.
  9. Improved Phone Call quality.


  1. Operator had to pay expensive fees for 3G Licenses Services.
  2. building Infrastructure for 3G was challenging.
  3. High Bandwidth Requirement.
  4. 3G Phones were expensive.

4G Mobile Technology

4G Mobile technology brought the user experience to the next level. This technology brought all the telecom industries under one umbrella and it is LTE. Nowadays almost all the devices are LTE enabled. LTE features high speed data, long lasting battery and low latency. In LTE voice and data are transmitted over packet switch network. Everything is IP packet in LTE.

Technology: LTE, WiFi.


  1. Expensive infrastructure.
  2. Battery drains faster.
  3. Expensive equipment requires to implement next generation network.

Features of 4G

  1. More Security.
  2. High Speed.
  3. High Capacity.
  4. Low Cost Per-bit.
  5. Low latency.
  6. speed 100Mbps-1Gbps.
  7. Real time gaming.
  8. High quality live TV streaming.

5G Mobile Technology

5G is still under development. But it is going to change the way we are experiencing mobile technology now. It will be fast and will have very low latency. Response time will be ultra fast. 5G will use high frequency millimeter wave. Some of the 5G bands are 28 Gigabytes and 39 gigabytes.


We are waiting to experience 5G.

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