How to install tmux and split linux ubuntu terminal using tmux

How to install tmux and split linux ubuntu terminal using tmux

Tmux(Terminal Multiplexing) is a linux application that allows multitasking in a terminal window. Tmux is the best split linux ubuntu terminal.

How to install tmux on Ubuntu and Debian

Installing tmux on linux or ubuntu is pretty straight forward. You just need sudo or root permission.

sudo apt-get install tmux

How to install tmux on RedHat and CentOS

sudo yum install tmux

How to split linux ubuntu terminal using tmux and start session

Start a New tmux default Session


Start a New tmux Named Session

You need to name the session if you want to create more than one session.

tmux new -s session_name

Split tmux pane or window or screen

You can split the screen horizontally as well vertically.

  1. Horizontal split: Ctrl+b+ " (Keep pressing Ctrl and b then press double quot)
  2. Vertical split: Ctrl+b+% (Keep pressing Ctrl and b then press %)

Moving between panes

To move between panes just keep pressing Ctrl+b and use arrow keys to move left/right and up/down

Ctrl+b+ [arrow keys]

Detaching tmux session

The beauty of tmux is you can keep the session running in the background and leave the session and come to the normal terminal. It will bring you to the normal command line.

tmux detach

Reattaching tmux session

You can re-attach to the session you left by typing this command to any command line terminal. It will take you to the live session where you left.

tmux attach

Reattaching to named tmux session

You can create multiple sessions and re-attach to any sessions using the name of the session.

tmux a -t your_session_name

How to Exit tmux Pane

You need to select the pane you want to exit using Ctrl+b+arrow keys then type exit and then press enter. Alternatively you can press Ctrl+d to exit the current pane.

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