How to enable and disable dm verity on android user build

How to enable and disable dm verity on android user build

How to enable and disable dm verity on android user build

A dm-verity is a kernel feature. It provides transparent integrity checking of block devices. The kernel which the device boots needs to be trusted. In case of android it helps to verify the boot partition, root file system RAM disk and the verity public key.  You need root privilege to enable and disable dm verity on android.

Run below commands to enable or disable dm-verity
1. Commands to disable dm-verity
adb root
adb disable-verity

2. Commands to enable dm-verity
adb root
adb enable-verity

Note: adb disable-verity/enable-verity works only with adb version 1.0.33 and abpve. So, check your adb version if it does not work and upgrade if needed.

To check adb version run this command

adb version

User build issues while running adb enable-verity

The above commands may not work for user builds without unlocking the oem. I was getting below error.

remount of system failed: permission denied
remount failed

I had to unlock the oem and it worked for me. To unlock the oem, click this link “How to Unlock oem locked bootloader android phone” and follow the 2nd method which i have explained for user builds.

If you are having any issue running dm-verify, please comment and we will solve it and it will also help other users.

Example to push a file to android file system.

  1. adb root
  2. adb disable-verity

You need to reboot the device for changes to take effect.
3. adb reboot
4. adb remount

Now you can push any file you want.
5. adb push <your file on the current directory/file path> /android file path

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