How to Unlock oem locked bootloader android phone

How to Unlock a oem locked bootloader andriod phone

How to Unlock oem locked bootloader Android phone with and without adb and fastboot

All the phones you buy in the market are oem locked bootloader for security reasons. You can not flash a new build until you follow some procedures. I am going to tell you two methods which will help you unlock the device.

Method 1. By using fastboot.

Step 1. adb reboot bootloader

This will bring the device in fastboot mode, so that you can run other fastboot commands.

Step 2 (a). fastboot flashing unlock.

This will unlock the device to flash a new build.

Step 2 (b) fastboot oem unlock.

You need to use Step 2 (b) only if step 2 (a) does not work. Some of the old devices support only this commands.

How to Unlock oem locked bootloader in android  user build

Method 2. By using settings menu

Each and every OEM are tweaking software. The above fastboot method may not support for many OEM and in user builds. You need an internet connection to unlock the device before flashing a new build. Follow the exact below steps and you will be good to go.

Because the phone has a user build, you need to connect to wifi or internet. I will highly recommend wifi as it works for me. If you don’t connect to internet the “enable oem unlocking” option will be grayed out. 

Please follow these steps in sequence.

  1.  Connect to WiFi.
  2.  Tap 7 times on the build number to enable developer options.
  3.  Go to developer options.
  4.  Select “enable OEM Unlocking”.

After step 4, you can reboot your device. You can also bring your device to fastboot mode and flash a new build.

How to find the build number?

Settings -> About phone

How to go to developer options?

Settings -> System -> advanced -> developer options

In some phone you will find developer options under system only. Anyway you can search for any settings in the “search for apps” search bar.

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