5G NR Interview Questions and answers part 2

5G NR Interview Questions and answers part 2

5G NR Interview Questions and answers part 2

Sample questions and answers for 5G NR interview. Interview questions on 5g technology.

Q1. What are the different RRC states in NR?

A. There are three different RRC states in 5G NR. RRC Idle, RRC Inactive and RRC Active. Click the below link to know more.

RRC State Machine and RRC context and Mobility management in 5G NR

Q2. Could you explain UE initial access or cell selection?

Please click this link to fully understand 5g UE initial access Initial Access and cell selection call flows in 5G NR Network

Q3. What is SS block?

SS block is initial synchronization signal block. SSB consist of PSS, SSS and PBCH.

Q4. What is PBCH dmrs?

A. PBCH dmrs are used to decode PBCH.

Q5. How cell selection in NR is different than LTE?

Q6. Why OFDM has been selected for UL in 5g NR?

Q7. How UL OFDM in NR is different than LTE?

Q8. What is the maximum number of hybrid ARQ process possible in NR?

A. There can be maximum 16 hybrid ARQ in 5G NR.

Q9. What are the info MIB contains?

Q10. How UE finds the physical layer cell I’d?

Q11. Can you explain mobility management when when the device is in rrc inactive or idle mode?

Q12. What is Bandwidth Parts in 5G NR

A. In LTE maximum carrier bandwidth is 20 MHz. So control channels are present in the entire bandwidth to maximize frequency diversity. But in case of 5G NR, bandwidth is large. It can be of 400 MHz. So, for a single device to use the whole bandwidth is not reasonable. Also reception of very wide bandwidth can be costly in terms of device energy consumption.

Therefore NR has introduced Bandwidth parts. So, that device can monitor narrow bandwidth for control signals and medium or large bandwidth for data. So bandwidth part is characterized by numerology and a set of consecutive resource blocks in the numerology of BWP, starting at a specific common resource block.

Q.13 Advantage of OFDM in 5g NR technology

Q.14 Disadvantage of OFDM in 5g NR technology

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