What is 5G NR Millimeter wave and mmwave characteristics

What is Millimeter wave in 5G?

5G NR: Millimeter wave and mmwave characteristics

Millimeter wave also referred as mmwave. Millimeter wave is extremely high range frequency wave. Therefore it is also called EHF.

Because of it’s high frequency and propagation characteristics, it is very useful for many applications like cellular communications, radar etc..

propagation characteristic means the way it changes and interact with the atmosphere.

Mmwave 5G range.

It ranges from 30GHz to 300GHz.

mmwave wavelength.

It’s wavelength ranges from 10mm t0 1 mm. So it is longer than infrared or x-ray but shorter than radio wave.

How far mmwave can travel?

Because of it’s high frequency, it will not travel or propagate over long distances. Oxygen molecules interact with these waves at higher frequencies. And absorb it’s energy. Because of it’s high frequencies, it can not travel long distances. If you take an example of 28GHz mmwave, it can travel up to 300 meters.

Millimeter Wave Characteristics

  1. High range frequency.
  2. Mmwave doesn’t bend around corners.
  3. It can be easily blocked.
  4. It behaves as light. So you can direct them using antennas.
  5. It can transmit large amounts of data.
  6. It can travel shorter distance compared to low frequencies.
  7. Higher frequencies means it will take very less time to reach users.
  8. Interacts with oxygen molecules.

Why Millimeter wave is important in 5G?

In this modern world, everything is attached to technology. Demand for better services getting increased day by day. There are so many services that would require higher data and there are other services that would require ultra low latency like self driving cars. 5G is going to achieve these demands of this modern world by utilizing the features of millimeter wave.

There will be no lags in providing services. You can watch 4K tv, playing real-time video games and at the same time downloading 100s of gbs data. All simultaneously. With mmwave 5G is going to change the way we look at the technology today. You are going to experience mobile technology like never before. Sit tight and wait for 5G. Most probably, 5g will initially use 28 GHz millimeter wave. Then it will also use 39 GHz.

External source 3gpp.

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